Why discover your personality type ? 

Benefits of discovering your personality type

Whether it is done on a 1-to-1 basis or as a group feedback session, there are many benefits of discovering your personality type with a Certified Practitioner.

There are 16 different possibilities and once you discover which Type you are, it can make sense of lots of things. From how you energise at the end of a busy day, the information you trust , how you make decisions, to how you interact with the world.

Why will knowing my personality type help me?

You start to appreciate that other people are not deliberately doing things differently to you because they want to annoy or frustrate you - it is how they prefer to do it.

Looking at differences in a positive, non judgemental way can make working and interactions with other people easier and more effective.

How does it help teams?

When a team understands each other’s drivers:

  • Project groups can be chosen to use individuals’ strengths and ensure any blind spots are covered.

  • Working relationships can improve as team members understand why others may do things differently and appreciate that everyone has something to bring to the team.

  • Decision making can be more effective

  • Communication will improve

Managing change

Are your team or organisation going through a change?

Knowing your personality types can be really helpful to enable you to manage the process to meet different types' needs.  

When people can make sense of their reactions to change and those of others in a non-judgemental way, it can help them weather the potential storm that is change, and embrace it instead! 

Managing change, the MBTI Framework can help


In a meeting, some people TALK their thoughts through to get to their answer, or THINK them through and just offer their final answer?   Neither is right or wrong, it is what feels most comfortable to you.

Knowing the personality types in a team can really help meeting dynamics. Consider giving a ‘heads up’ about particular agenda items to those who prefer time to reflect, so they are comfortable to provide answers on the day.

How can it help with sales?

Customers can differ in their personal approach needs, For you to understand their behaviour cues and adapt your approach accordingly, you need to understand yourself.

It is also important to provide them with the sort of information they prefer, some will want the finer details whilst others may only want to know the end point.  Similarly, a values-based approach may have a greater impact on some people’s decision making than on others.

Talking your customers’ language will increase their confidence and trust in you, smooth transactions as well as encourage recommendations.