Discovering your MBTI type can happen on a

one-to-one basis or at a workshop

The most important thing, is that you feel comfortable with the process. I always discuss what happens and answer any questions you may have, before you complete the questionnaire.


It's an interactive session. You also receive a reference source, which supports and builds on what you learn during the feedback.

Choose below how you would like to discover what makes you 'tick'


Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions all feedback sessions and resources are provided online.

But don't worry, it is still a comprehensive experience.

Fees include:

  • an introductory meeting or call,

  • all admin costs,

  • the feedback session (about 90 mins)

  • resources (3 price options)

Fees include:

  • an introductory meeting or call with the team,

  • all admin costs,

  • the feedback session (3 hours) 

  • resources (3 price options)

One to one feedback

Team workshop

 Other MBTI-based workshops

(contact me for further details)

An interactive 3 hour CPD workshop to help healthcare professionals understand how personality type can affect communication and  consent. 

Attendees will also discover their own personality type during the workshop.

Any change can bring anxiety or discomfort. Understanding how your team 'tick' can enable managers to introduce change to suit diferent MBTI types.

This can make the transition a much smoother experience.

Communication and consent



'Lightbulb moment'  introductory team workshop (1 hour) *

Currently offered as a virtual session 

Why not experience this 1 hour workshop

to gain some 'lightbulb moments'

about differences in how people

prefer to live their lives to help you at work and at home? 

*  NB This is a overview session but is a great introduction to personality differences and how they can impact our interactions.

Please see the other workshops above if you wish your team to discover their MBTI type together .

Cost:  £100

Numbers: Max 20 people

Platform:  Zoom


MBTI® Practitioner

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