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Increase self - awareness

Whether you are a start up, a small established team or onboarding new staff as you grow, understanding differences in how people, behave, think and prefer to live their lives is a game changer!

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Hello, my name is Tamsin


I am passionate about helping people understand themselves better and look at the differences in others in a non-judgemental way. 


So they know how they ‘tick’,  but equally importantly appreciate that others may ‘tock’.

An increased self-awareness can help individuals and teams work more effectively together and I am on a mission to share the 'lightbulb moments' I had with others .

The benefits of discovering your personality type

Whether it is done on a one-to-one basis or as a team feedback session, there are many benefits of discovering your personality type with a Certified Practitioner.

There are 16 different possibilities and once you discover which Type you are, it can make sense of lots of things. From how you energise at the end of a busy day, the information you trust , how you make decisions, to how you interact with the world.

You start to appreciate that other people are not deliberately doing things differently to you because they want to annoy or frustrate you - it is how they prefer to do it.

Looking at differences in a positive, non-judgemental way makes working and interactions with others easier and more effective.

For Teams 

Teams understand each other and have a common language around differences

Working together

Improved relationships

Effective decision making

Enhanced communication

Increased productivity 

Managing change

Meet communicating needs 

Use team members' strengths

Understand different reactions

Keep everyone on board


Pick up on clues to type

Meet communication needs

Increased customer confidence

Retain customers

For Individuals

Enhanced management skills

Growth as a people leader

Confident communication

Useful at work or at home

Book a free 30 minute  discovery call  with me to find out more 

“Tamsin delivered a great virtual workshop for my management team.

She was available and responsive to assist with the small amount of pre workshop information requirement.

It was so interesting to understand more about our preferences and how these influence our decision making, activity and interaction with others. Tamsin’s supportive and professional approach ensured the team got the best out of the session in a relaxed atmosphere”.

I’d certainly recommend Tamsin if you want to learn more about your team and how you work with others whilst also having some fun!” 


Karen Durcan, Director of English Regions, Federation of Small Businesses

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