How long does a feedback session last?

One-to one sessions last about 90 minutes.

Group feedback sessions usually take about 3 hours, including a break.

But won’t it put me in a ‘box’?

Some people may worry that personality tools may stereotype them and put them in a 'box'.

Don’t worry, they don’t.

Each one of us is unique, but when you look at lots of us, patterns emerge.

Just because I am an ‘ESTJ’ doesn’t make me exactly the same as other ESTJs.

But we may feel the same in certain situations and look at things and make decisions in a similar way.

We may be great in some areas where other personality types struggle, and vice versa.

Being self-aware and appreciating personality type differences  helps us understand that people have natural preferences and that no type is better or worse.

So don’t worry about being boxed in, enjoy discovering your Type!

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Can I fill the questionnaire in wrongly?

Some people do worry about this.

Don't worry, there is no right or wrong answer to the questions. 

The frameworks I use are not about capability or skill.

They don’t tell you how well you do something, rather what you feel most comfortable with - your ‘preferences’.