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Frequently asked questions 

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How long does a one-to-one

feedback session last ?

Generally it's about 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on the amount of discussion


Can I fill the questionnaire

in wrongly ?

Some people do worry about this. Don't worry there are no right or wrong answers!

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How long does a group feedback session last ?

These are approximately 3 hours or can be two 2 hour sessions with a week or so in between. 

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What if my first language

is not English ? 

The tools I use are available in a number of languages, so do let me know

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Are they virtual or

face-to-face ?

Sessions work equally well either way, so it is up to you! 

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Does my personality type change with time ?  

Your personality type is inborn but some things can affect how you complete the questions which might make it appear that you have changed - that's why having a feedback session is important 

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