About me

Helping people get the best from their relationships


I adore seeing the look on people’s faces when they discover the answer to a challenge. As an MBTI practitioner, I lead clients to lightbulb moments about how they can work better with others; discovering how they ‘tick’ and appreciating that others may ‘tock’!. I put meticulous care into ensuring individuals, groups and teams are fully on board before, during and after every session. That’s what gets me out of bed every day!


Leading people to lightbulb moments


Now I think back, I should probably have been a teacher. At the age of 16, doing work experience in my local junior school, I loved seeing a child light up when working out a tricky maths problem. Instead I became a Hospital Pharmacist, although most of my roles involved a teaching component.


As time went on, my role was less about teaching and more about managing a growing team of people.  I sometimes struggled with the team dynamics, confused why certain things annoyed me and didn’t bother others, why some people were energised by group work and others liked space to think things through, alone. I am most comfortable getting things done, often armed with a checklist! Not everyone wants to work that way.


Helping people play to their strengths


Thankfully the MBTI framework came to my rescue! I discovered it at a team building session, and I learned how the various personality types respond differently to the same situation, such as a tight deadline. Appreciating each other’s differences, and strengths helped us work better as a team.


Following some NHS organisational boundary changes, I started my own MBTI consultancy in 2016. Having trained as an MBTI practitioner, I was able to return to my first love, teaching individuals and teams to find their ‘aha’ moments and see their world and the people in it through a different lens.  I had followed my chosen path (teaching others) but with a twist in the road.

I am now also a TypeCoach Certified Professional, which is also based on the same concept of personality preferences but the focus is on using what you now know about yourself to improve your communication and interaction with others.


Our journey of discovery…


Now instead of a classroom setting, I am using my teaching, people and facilitation skills to help individuals and businesses discover how to work better with others and enjoying imparting lightbulb moments, a passion bubbling under the surface in my life, since the age of 16!