Terms of Business


Please note feedback is delivered on the following basis:


  • Individuals are completing the questionnaire on a voluntary basis.

  • An individual’s MBTI type is confidential to them and will not be shared by me without their permission.

  • Participants in a group feedback session must inform me if they are unhappy to share their MBTI type with the group – an individual feedback session may be more appropriate in this case.

  • I am a Certified MBTI Practitioner operating under the MBTI framework best practice guidelines.

  • The process is based on the validity and integrity of the information provided by individuals - should inaccurate information be given, I have no liability for the results reported or MBTI type identified using this process

  • This process does not provide any warranty as to an individual’s suitability for any current or future job role or position

  • Any information related to your MBTI type will be given to you during the feedback  

  • Paper assessment format -  all paperwork will be returned to you - no data relating to your MBTI Type will be kept by me

  • Online assessment format  - the generated report will be sent / given to you and will then be deleted from my computer. OPP Ltd., who generate the online reports, retain them for 18 months and then they are anonymised.


For further information regarding how I use the details that I have about you, in my role as an MBTI Practitioner, please see my Privacy Policy.