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Workshop participant  

I have bored friends and family I'm sure since attending the training, as I have started to notice personally and professionally the differences in the way that people behave, and some of the possible reasons for this and it's made me think differently. Too often we can end up suggesting that there is a right or wrong way to do things, and chastise people for reacting in the 'wrong' way and this training forces us to think about these prejudices and will hopefully promote tolerance in our organisation.  

MJSH, Headmaster

‘The Senior Management Team were initially nervous about taking advice from outside.  Tamsin is professional, upbeat and friendly and she quickly put everyone at ease. 

The discussion session and the information she presented proved to be extremely useful especially as our team had undergone a fair amount of change recently.  She  encouraged us to focus on our personality types which in turn has helped make us better as managers and able to match certain staff to certain projects more effectively.’

I was delighted to work with NRAS,

initially to help the team to discover

their MBTI types and then to deliver

a communication workshop. 

N.S - Client

N.S - Client

A clear and professional session reflecting on my Typecoach report-Thank you, Tamsin! I found my report to be very accurate, and the two areas which were initially less defined became more so during our discussion. Your approach was methodical, using effective questions to tease out more information to support me to reach my own conclusions. Not only was this piece of work hugely valuable in terms of my self awareness, it has also enabled me to reflect on my interactions with others, and how to make these more successful. I’m currently going through the additional resources on the website to help refine that pitch before the next networking event we discussed! Thank you again.

Team workshop participant

Team workshop participant

Tamsin managed to keep everyone engaged and interested throughout the workshop while keeping to time which is more than a skill it's an areform!

W.R.  Client

The MBTI process was a fascinating insight to my own personality and how best to relate to others. Tamsin was a joy to work with, and I appreciated her clear explanations and patience. She helped make it a fun experience as well as an educational one. I would highly recommend Tamsin and MBTI for personal and team development.


S.W.    Client

After a Significant change in my Career from working in the emergency services to now working in the Private Sector, I found the MBTI session to be extremely beneficial. The session was thought provoking and Tamsin gave me the time to review and talk through my preferences. Tamsin is extremely knowledgeable and  with her positive and enthusiastic approach I came away feeling energised and excited to learn more about my preferences and how it could assist in my future Career development.

Thank you


Thanks to Creating Better Futures for including me in a piece about them for Volunteers' Week by Thames Valley TV

D. B,  Client

"As a Life Coach, self development is very important to me and It was from this perspective that I chose to have my MBTI done with Tamsin.

Tamsin is extremely knowledgeable about her work and has an easy manner when delivering the feedback. She explained everything very concisely and was incredibly patient with all the questions and comments I had. She is very passionate and enthusiastic about her work and spends a great deal of time going over everything. I was really interested in finding out my preferences! I think, overall, it reinforced what I knew myself but with much more detail and it also helped focus on Potential Areas for Growth. It has also made me much more accepting and aware that my coachees could have different characteristics to me and would actually be very helpful if they had their MBTI’s done so that I could work with this knowledge to inform the coaching process!"

G. V,  Workshop participant

I just wanted to thank Tamsin for organising the MBTI workshop I attended. She presented the material with authority and ease and is a consummate professional. Everything was explained thoroughly, any question answered and she took time to make sure everyone was involved. The activities were engaging and thought provoking and we even got to model with some playdough. I'd recommend her services to anyone wanting to learn more about personal development and self-improvement.

V. M   Manager NHS

"Tamsin Regnes is a fantastic MBTI facilitator and my team and I found the MBTI sessions incredibly useful as part of individual personal development, and team development.  I would highly recommend her.

The MBTI framework is a useful tool to identify personal preferences and self-awareness, but also understanding differences with other people and their personal preferences and using this to improve relationships and communication with others.

Tamsin is an excellent facilitator, creating a very open and sharing environment for myself and my team to learn and develop.  The session was interactive as well as informative and provided lots of examples of how to use the things we learnt in practice and how to identify and interact with different personality types.  She is also incredibly organised, professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic and we all found the session really fun as well as informative.

Our key learning points were:

·       Understanding about each of the Myers Briggs types

·       Discovering what our own personality types were

·       Getting to know our strengths, motivations and limits

·       Learning about communication and interacting with others and how to adapt

Our team have used our new self-awareness to build on our relationships within the team and with others, understand each other better and overall made us into a better team".

V. M   Manager NHS

K. R,  Client

"I recently changed role within my company to become a Project Manager / Business Analyst. This has been quite a significant shift in responsibilities after a number of years working in a more independent field - I now have to elicit support from a wide range of colleagues, most of whom I have no prior relationship with, in order to deliver projects.

This is where Tamsin came in; I have previously had an MBTI group session a number of years ago and understood the value of the process. Tamsin is clearly very knowledgeable with respect to MBTI and the insights and benefits it can deliver. She spent a lot of time with me and it was an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

In respect of my current role, it has very clearly revealed that my way of working is not the only way of working. For my projects to be successful, I need to recognise that colleagues have very different, but equally valid, approaches to delivering tasks. I have already used what I learnt to approach new projects differently, ensuring that I assess upfront the working method that best suits the project contributors.

I undertook this on a one to one basis, but I have recommended it to my department manager as it works very well in a group environment as well. Tamsin was very professional and I have no hesitation in recommending her, and the MBTI process in general, to anyone who wants to be more effective at work".

P. B-S,   Client

Thank you for a very clear and illuminating coaching session based around the TypeCoach report. I found the report following the survey highly accurate, and the two areas I wasn't so sure about became fully clear during our discussion. I liked the methodical approach you took to our session, taking each area of Extravert/Introvert, Sensor/INtuitive, Thinker/Feeler, and Judger/Perceiver one at a time. To me this was an approachable method that gives more clarity than something like the four colours. This not only helped me understand myself, but also helped me understand where others are coming from with their approach, and how to work better with them (including my partner!). I also like that there is extra long-term support on the website, particularly around working with different people. Thank you. I've really moved forward with specific actions as a result.